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Garden owners know: Rabbits eat dandelion. But we at also know that the rabbits at Wonky Wabbits are really hot to conjure up juicy winnings on your screen. If you can’t stand rabbits, you’d better check out another slot, but if you can’t get enough of rabbits, Wonky Wabbits is the place for you.

NetEnt slot machines are known for their great quality and Wonky Wabbits is no exception. Unlike established slot machines like Starburst or Guns N’ Roses, NetEnt doesn’t throw features around here, but focuses on its own feature: the Wild symbol alias the Rabbit!

Technical features

The graphics of NetEnt slot machines are like the Italian restaurant in the side street: Unobtrusive, but at the highest level. With Wonky Wabbits, NetEnt breaks with this image and goes a small step further towards 3D animations and cool effects. Symbols turn joyfully in circles when they win and celebrate with the player or rabbits spread out on the machine. These things are beautifully animated and contribute to the positive appearance of this video slot machine.

Hares are vegetarians and so you’ll find tomatoes, corncobs and broccoli on the reels in addition to the familiar poker symbols. That sounds like a feast for our nice bunnies. NetEnt Wonky has developed Wabbits for desktop and mobile devices so that you can marvel at vegetables and animals on your smartphone. So you can jump around the garden and play Wonky Wabbits at the same time, unless you don’t have an Internet connection.

Wonky Wabbits comes with 5 reels, 15 paylines and a range of possible bets between €0.30 and €150. So there’s plenty of room to make these machines accessible to beginners and pros alike. When 5 carrots hit a payline, there are 1500 coins to win, and that’s not unlikely if you think the rabbits will help you.

bonuses and winnings

Wonky Wabbits is all about one feature and one feature alone. And that would have been, it would have thought, the weird rabbits. These are not only nice to look at, but at the same time also wild symbols which multiply like the rabbits on the field. If a rabbit appears on any role, it calls its friend and this appears on the position, which brings in the largest possible profit.

And that’s all there is to it. You won’t find any free games or scatters at Wonky Wabbits, in fact you won’t be able to see them for the rabbits. Well, it’s not that extreme either, but Wonky Wabbits is teeming with wild symbols and that’s a good thing!

Since NetEnt is completely focused on the wild symbol, the increasing rabbits are also skillfully staged. We can hardly get enough of the three-dimensional animated rabbits.

Beside the big and popular NetEnt machines, which give you a little of everything, there must also be some that appeal to a specific group. In this case, we can warmly recommend Wonky Wabbits to you, if you can stand a change after the hundredth round of Starburst and are in the mood for steady winnings thanks to Wild symbols.