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This month the latest online slot from NetEnt will be on the hustle and bustle. With this name you could expect an amusement park with modern roller coasters and free-fall towers. But it is a classic amusement park that the developers of the colourful online slot take us to.

people like to party and people like to have fun, so for many a visit to a fair or a folk festival with lottery stalls, big wheels and marquees is something very special. Many connect thereby memories of their childhood, others like simply the completely special charm of such celebrations. Since the Middle Ages, many English cities have been celebrating folk festivals and organizing fairs. The Magdeburg Autumn Fair (formerly the Men’s Fair) has been occupied since 1010.

Our review of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Online Slot

On June 22, 2016, NetEnt brought the hype to online casinos with the new online slot “Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune”. The developers have succeeded in creating a colourful online slot that awakens childhood memories, the music as it is typical for such a carnival, helps to immerse oneself immediately in the events and to search for the lucky ones.

The reels appear against the backdrop of a large fair with many different rides; 5×3 are the reels in this online slot, which has 50 profit lines. The reels feature vibrant colors and very lovingly designed symbols taken from the fairground action. The standard symbols are all colorful balloons, the value symbols are all part of a ride. There appear horses, swans, airplanes, rockets and cars, the wild symbol is the two-seater of a roller coaster.

Who plays this slot, gets sooner or later desire, even times again over a fair to stroll, to indulge in candy floss and rides to test. But first we’ll take a closer look at the online slot “Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune”.

Functions of the online slot

The musical background ensures that you really feel like you’re on the fairground during the whole game. Again and again you hear the cheering of guests, the sounds of rides and throwing booths, animations with winning combinations loosen up the game again and again. Let’s take a look at the symbols and functions of the online slot.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol is a roller coaster car with two passengers sitting in it. They can appear as Stacked Wilds and fill out a whole row. If you make two or three of them in a single turn, you can win big. The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols.

Scatter symbol

The golden ticket is the scatter symbol. If it appears three times on the reels, the Wheel of Fortune bonus round is triggered. The player can spin the Wheel of Fortune, and depending on which field he lands on, he wins tickets to the bonus games and additional rounds of the Wheel of Fortune.

Fairplace Bonus Games

The six different bonus games are randomly selected via the Wheel of Fortune. Once the spins on the wheel of fortune have been applied and the tickets have been collected, the player continues to the fair. He can see different booths, above which he can see how many tickets he has for the respective game. The following games are waiting for the player: Duck shooting, skee-ball (a ball throwing game), fishing, hitting the lucas, boxing, throwing cans. In each game you can win multipliers or coins.


Pickups – something that can make you desperate. It looks so simple – move the gripper, let it go down and pull the stuffed animal up. Unfortunately it is not that simple in reality. With the Claw feature in the “Theme Park” online slot, it’s so easy! If the grab symbol appears on the rollers, a grab is lowered from above and fished outside the visible screen for wins. Depending on what the gripper pulls upwards – they are different soft toys – the player wins a coin amount.


NetEnt is a colourful and very cheerful online slot that actually manages to bring the carnival feeling into online casinos. Especially the bonus feature with the six different mini-games brings variety into the gambler’s life and shows that online slot machines can be more than just spinning reels. We’d like to see more slots of this kind that play with new ideas and break up the disdainful reels spinning with innovative mini-games. A must-play for all carnival fans and the perfect way to pass the time in between. It also makes you feel good when things aren’t going so well.

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slots FAQ

How do slot machines work?

The player has no direct influence on the winnings or the probabilities of slot machines. However, since the programmed percentage of payouts varies from device to device and online casino to online casino, the player can influence his chances of winning at least in the choice of casino and machine.

Online most slot machines pay out in the long run between 92 and 98 percent again. The higher this value is, the better it is for the players. Most offerers indicate this payout ratio on the info. board of each slot machine.

In general, jackpot machines have slightly lower odds than normal machines. So with the prospect of a potential million-dollar win, you’ll buy yourself a little worse payouts in the long run.

Slots settings

Addition to the infinite variety of themes and symbols on the different slot machines, there are some other settings you can make as a player.

Multilines (Lines)

On a very simple slot machine, you’ll get paid if the three symbols on the middle line match. Most of the time you can see the two lines above and below, but they don’t count. In a multi-line game, you can activate these two lines by betting extra money. If not only horizontal but also oblique lines count, bets of nine coins or more are possible. Online you can sometimes bet over 20 lines and you can usually set how many lines you want to play.

Multiplier (Coins)

By inserting several coins before a game, you can multiply the potential winnings. Usually the number of coins (and thus the multiplier) is limited. If you insert about five coins and get a line win worth ten times the bet, then you will be paid a total of 50 coins (5 x 10). For your chances of winning it does not matter which multiplier you choose.