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Monsters say hello!

Game description

Here comes the perfect game for anyone who adores the Muppets and has a lot of fun with movies like Monster AG! Rabcat has developed “Scary Friends”, monsters that are hairy and fluffy rather than scary. We would love to have these funny, fluffy monsters in the closet or under the bed, because they wink at the players so sweetly that you can only like them! We’ve been taken by storm by the hairy monsters and you can see again how hard Rabcat tries to develop his games. So if you’ve been cuddly with your cuddly toys before and still have a weakness for strange creatures, you’ll have fun with this slot machine.

Technical Features

The first thing you’ll notice is the really good music, which sounds almost typical Disney and makes you happy. “Scary Friends has five reels and 25 paylines. The slot machine looks like a huge monster lab, where bizarre characters are floating around. A huge, orange and very hairy monster stands next to the reels and has a couple of equally hairy little balls with goggle eyes around it, either rolling around, jumping in his hand, or cheering when the player lands a win or a good combination. The symbols on the reels are the usual deck symbols, so J,K,Q and numbers (which are also fluffy and bouncing around) and some weird looking monsters: one that looks like a green Martian male, a cyclops, an orange little monster with sharp teeth, and a pink monster that represents the wild symbol in this game. From time to time a kind of computer robot on wheels comes along and shows animations on his screen. But before you can watch the monsters jumping around and faxing, you have to choose their bet. The bet starts at a very cheap 0.01 € and goes up to a maximum of 50 €. Also here applies, like with every other play, the more one uses, the more it will pay off.

The best is that one can play Scary Friends also on mobile devices. You can take the hairy monsters everywhere with you and have fun!

bonuses and winnings

“Scary Friends” has some free games to offer. These appear when the player hits three or more free spins scatter symbols. When this happens, the small fur balls bounce back and forth on the reels. The more often the fur balls bounce, the more free spins the player eventually skims, between three and 14 free spins in any case. That’s not too much, but free spins can be retriggered at any time.

The best feature, however, is when the monsters bring the player to monster training. This round is triggered when the player receives three Scatter symbols on the reels. Then the training begins immediately, the reels disappear and something like a monster carousel appears, in which four monsters sit. You can choose one, a favorite so to speak, and off you go. The carousel begins to spin and the longer the monster favorite manages to stay in its seat, the bigger the win is. We had the most fun with this game, and Rabcat did a great job of offering his audience something.

Last but not least, there’s a Gamble feature on “Scary Friends” for the risky players who don’t know fear! By simply clicking on the Gamble button at the bottom of the bar, the player can access the feature and choose between a red card and a black card. Depending on which one appears, the player can win everything or lose everything!

We were not disappointed and had a lot of fun with the monsters! Rabcat has thought about good features and developed an entertaining theme that most players will love!