Online Blackjack: the guide that teaches you how to win in 2 minutes

Online Blackjack: the guide that teaches you how to win in 2 minutesAmong the casino games you can find on the internet, online blackjack is unique. It’s the only one that offers you to compete with the casino, “the bank”, without the casino having a big advantage in terms of winning odds. It is also one of the only games that allows you to rely largely on strategy and not on luck or chance. So how do you get better at the tables? We’ll give you a few tips.

From 21 to free online blackjack without downloading, there is a world out there! Discover the history of the game

If playing blackjack online seems very natural to us today, you should know that this game only appeared online a couple of decades ago, whereas blackjack is an ancestral game. In fact, blackjack first appeared in Italy around the 13th and 14th centuries. It was then called Treintuno and each player would bet to get a combination that was stronger than the dealer and closer to 31 points.

If the rules have changed, the principle remained the same when the game travelled to UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, then England, then the United States. It was really from that time on that the game became established in land-based casinos and playing blackjack became fashionable. Blackjack then made its resounding entry into the world of Gambling, and then, with the birth of the internet, into the world of iGaming. Today, thanks to the Internet, blackjack is present everywhere in the world. For example, Swiss players are real fans of online blackjack.

If the game hadn’t had all these adventures, perhaps it would never have been seen in the form of free online blackjack without downloading, or even in the real money version of online blackjack.

One of the few online casino games that doesn’t owe much to chance: learn how to play blackjack.

We find it in all land-based casinos, but also in any self-respecting online casino. Blackjack is a mainstay of gambling. We can understand it: it provides incomparable excitement, and if you win, you owe it only to yourself!

Strategy counts a lot in a game of blackjack. If you want to win at blackjack, you have to know the rules, but also the different strategies that exist. Our advice is also to practice to be more comfortable during your games.

Unlike slots or roulette, playing blackjack allows you to secure long term cash winnings, provided you look at the “basic strategy”, as well as the tables developed by card game theorists. Also, experiment with other game modes: for example, free multiplayer online blackjack allows you to observe the behavior of other players, see where you can go wrong and how to improve.

Strategies that can make you a winner at blackjack: discover the blackjack table, it will help you

The basic blackjack strategy chart is very simple to use. It takes into account your two cards, as well as the dealer’s face card.

On this blackjack table, every action that you should perform based on these three cards is then detailed: draw, double, split, stay or even give up when possible in your land-based casino or on your online casino.

One of the great advantages of online blackjack is that you can clearly keep this table in view when you play, so that you can make the best use of it. Indeed, the blackjack table has become indispensable to some online blackjack players.
To make sure you win money in your first hands, practice free online blackjack

It’s the best way to become an ace at the game: free online blackjack allows you to play without any pressure, try different strategies and observe other players’ actions at the tables. At a site that offers online blackjack, you can also choose the version of the game you prefer, as well as try your luck at different variations.

So practice free online blackjack, play a series of hands safely and then play for real money when you feel comfortable at the online blackjack tables.

Choose the best online casino to get started in real money online blackjack and get a bonus.

Casino sites offer many advantages for players, especially online blackjack players! In addition to the many variations of the game that you will find, on some sites like Betway for example, you will be able to enjoy a live blackjack game: you then confront the dealer via a webcam, which makes the game almost identical to a game in a land-based casino.

If you choose well, you will also have a “mobile casino”: you will be able to play from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also benefit from a bonus to start with free games: what better way to top up your account than with free blackjack “for real”? To bet on the best online casinos, those that offer you paid online blackjack and maximum benefits, we advise you to take a look at it’s the ultimate site for everything related to online blackjack.
Do you like free multiplayer online blackjack? Vary the fun with other casino games

We mentioned it in the introduction: Blackjack is unique among casino games! However, the thrill and strategy you feel in every hand can also be achieved in a poker game, for example!

Many online blackjack players prefer to vary the fun and indulge in other games. These are bound to be available at the online casino you choose, so take the time to try them out, perhaps starting with placing a free bet?