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With Max Quest you can really confidently say that it is a slot of a slightly different kind. Because at first sight you can’t recognize this world novelty from Betsoft as a slot at all, at least the gameplay with a classic slot machine has nothing to do with it. But how can you imagine that?

Max Quest is a revolutionary casino game, because it combines slots with the mechanics of video games like shooters and role-playing games. You compete alone or in a multiplayer game with up to 5 players against hordes of monsters, mummies and deities in an Egyptian underworld. You shoot with your weapon arsenal at the beasts, which drop money, treasures, weapons and more, which you collect. In addition, you rise in role-playing style with your own created Avatar level.

Your bets in this game are the balls for the weapons. Kill enemies to collect prizes immediately and complete additional quests to gain experience points and advance to the leaderboard. As a result, more winnings await you!

Technical Features – How Max Quest Casino brings new light to casino experiences

It’s not easy to summarize the technical features of this novel slot. First of all: Max Quest’s graphics are breathtaking. As already mentioned, the game is more like a modern video game than a slot. The monsters are as numerous as they are detailed. You also get a sound on your ears that is perfectly tuned to the action-packed spectacle of Max Quest.

With Max Quest, you don’t make your bet per spin, but buy ammo for your weapon. You can set the value of the bullets between 0.01€ and 0.25€. Each shot is guaranteed to hit one opponent. The maximum payout per shot is 5,000 coins, depending on the weapon and opponent. The RTP of Max Quest is 96%.

bonuses and winnings – Also a Max Quest bonus is of course in the game, only different than we know it so far

Also the bonus of Max Quest is nothing we know so far at slots. But of course it should not be missing. With Max Quest there are even 2 bonus extras: Fire opponents can appear randomly, which promise a higher payout than normal opponents. Also, a God Event can be triggered at the end of a turn. Together with your fellow players you try to kill the Pharaoh God. If he is defeated, cash prizes and other treasures are waiting for you to collect. Depending on how well you perform in the fight against the god, your personal reward will be lost in the end.

Another extra of the game are the quests, i.e. tasks that range from easy to difficult and also drop bonuses again. With the experience points you rise in a ranking list with other players. The best places expect extra winnings at the end!

Free Spins – The Max Quest Free Spins come in the form of extra weapons and ammo – how does it work?

Free Spins are not missing in Max Quest either! The free spins are assigned as ammo for the different weapons in Max Quest. So a killed opponent can accidentally lose a special weapon, which is collected by you and replaces your standard weapon. You can also buy the special weapons including ammunition in the shop. The improved guns promise more damage to your opponent and a higher payout for you. The weapons range from shotgun to plasma gun to grenades that can even kill several enemies at once.

Mobile gaming – Betsoft has made it its goal to appeal to mobile users especially with Max Quest

Despite its many details and complex gameplay, Max Quest can be played both on desktops and on all mobile devices. And that even works very well. Whether on smartphones or tablets and on Android or iOS. Thanks to the mature software you can not only go from home, but also go on a treasure hunt in the catacombs of the abandoned pyramids in Egypt at any time while on the go.

Taster – Try Max Quest for free as long as you want to make your own picture

Max Quest is definitely a game you must have tried yourself to see how it works. You can try it now here for free! You’ll see that it’s quite easy and you’ll automatically notice the way you play when you get started. Therefore, polish your gun now and get ready for an adventure full of action with this slot, which at the same time looks like a video or arcade game and thus represents a novel hybrid of online casino games.