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Who hasn’t ever wished to live in a big castle? Riding through the country as a knight with horse and lance and saving fair princesses from nasty dragons? Who as a child did not build castles and entrench himself in them? With “Castle Builder” from Rabcat you can now fulfill all these wishes – and by the way you can make a lot of money! Rabcat, the brilliant underdog who has moulted, has again developed a brilliant game. For all enthusiastic gamers, who would like to have some action on the side. Because boredom is nothing for Rabcat. The Austrians are known since 2001 for being able to do everything but normal. All of their games have a good theme and a lot of self-developed features, with which they like to be one step ahead of the competition. Everyone who has already tested the game is completely enthusiastic and we want to get an impression of it too.

“Castle Builder” is playful, surprising and fun!

Technical features

“Castle Builder” has five reels and 15 paylines, so far the game is on average. What makes it so special is that the player builds a castle during the game or plays the marriage broker and brings princes and princesses together. Rabcat made a courageous decision, but it was very well received by the players. This makes the game extra exciting and extraordinary, because while you are betting from €0.75 to €30, you are tinkering with your castle! As always: the higher the stake, the higher the chances of winning. If you don’t dare, you don’t win!

If you get tired in between, you can use the autoplay function to use the next strand of luck in a relaxed way. If the lucky streak should begin on the way, then Rabcat provided: “Castle Builder” can be played also on mobile terminals outstanding!

Boni and profits

As the name already says it goes here also around locks build! Because the more successful you are, the better the chances of winning are. They rise with every completed castle, with every completed kingdom and improve the chances of the player to win. Depending on which castle symbols appear, the construction of the castle progresses. It becomes interesting when the first castle is finished. Because then the marriage agency comes into play. The game looks for the figure that best suits the castle owner. If there is a match, then there is a large pot full of coins for the wedding. This in turn increases the chance of high winnings.

The only disadvantage of the game: Unfortunately there are no free spins that you can earn and unfortunately no multipliers. The only way to increase or favor winnings is to build castles and act as a matchmaker. But you can’t have everything. “Castle Builder” inspires us anyway!