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Have you ever felt like the black sheep? Bar Bar Black Sheep simply turns the famous saying around. The black sheep here is like the golden calf, so treat it with the utmost respect! If the winnings in this slot machine are to be high, you have to take care of a very good relationship with the black sheep, otherwise you can leave it at that. Because you only get the biggest payouts and the best extras if the black sheep shows itself often enough on the reels.

Which employee came please with Microgaming on the idea to create the combination of bar, bar and a black sheep, as the title-giving combination. Bars have been part of our game life for a long time, especially with fruit vending machines like this one, but the combination with the black sheep is both grotesque and ingenious! We have to admit that we were a little suspicious at first, but after taking a closer look, Microgaming convinced us that we were dealing with one of the best slot machines of recent months.

Technical features

To avoid distraction of any kind, Microgaming apparently decided to design the game as a classic 5-reel, three-symbol machine. At Bar Bar Black Sheep, you can look forward to 15 paylines, each with up to 20 coins to bet on. Bets range from €0.15 to €150, a nice bandwidth we find.

Bar Bar Black Sheep is not a blender. While other developers try to convince the player of your product with modern graphics and all kinds of tam-tam, Microgaming focuses on objectivity with Bar Bar Black Sheep. Nevertheless, the symbols are very sympathetically designed and tempt us to a broad grin. A graphical highlight is the switch to free play mode, where the reels turn black instead of beige. So you can imagine that the beauty of this slot machine comes from the inside.

The highlight of Bar Bar Black Sheep is not only the black sheep, but also the funny music coming out of our boxes. It’s a beautiful, summery song that fits perfectly to the portrait of the black sheep.

Bonuses and winnings

We already mentioned how important the black sheep is in Bar Black Sheep. If you catch the combination Bar Bar Black Sheep on a horizontal payline, a random multiplier of up to x999 will be activated and applied to your bet. If you have chosen a high bet, you can end the game, contact your casino and pay the winnings. Now you can afford a trip of several weeks to Tahiti.

Of course there is also a scatter symbol for the farm. 3, 4, or 5 scatters trigger 10, 15, or 20 free spins, during which the winnings are increased immeasurably by an x3 multiplier. But if you’re planning a trip to Tahiti, you can’t do your check without the Wild symbol. The Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol and brings in a payline up to €20,000!

The game has a jackpot of €95,000 which you get if you make several high combinations at the same time. Compared to many other slot machines, not only are you paid one payline, but the highest wins per payline add up. For example, you can win €20,000 on one payline while winning €15,000 on another payline. So always try to serve multiple paylines and don’t settle for just one line!

Bar Bar Black Sheep is a game that doesn’t just bring out pawns behind the combine. Experts, among whom we count you, will quickly realize that this slot machine is something special. Newcomers will probably find the presentation a bit too boring, but let’s face it, the black sheep portrait even competes with Mona Lisa!