Online Casino: 7 Steps to Get Started in Online Gambling

Online Casino: 7 Steps to Getting Started in Online Gambling Are you burning to enter the mysterious world of gambling, but don’t really know where to start? Follow me! I’ve been exactly this way.

Today, my passion is still intact – even a few years later, my bank account is still in the green and I know how to make the most of all the tools I have at my fingertips …


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1. My passion for the English online casino was born gradually: here is the story of an epicurean gambler

I love online casinos; especially since I came across I say “online” because, to tell you the truth, I sometimes go to play in a land-based casino… When I travel, especially: I like to play in the casino where I live for my holidays or when I’m away from home, but nothing more! It’s even more out of curiosity I would say, because for me, nothing beats a good online casino, comfortably installed at home, in front of the TV or by the fireplace. But that hasn’t always been the case! Let me tell you:

1.1. Before I became interested in online casinos in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, my passion was for video games.

Before dedicating myself to my passion for UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa Online Casino, I first tested other entertainment. To be honest with you, it was video games that got me first. What I love about video games is the high quality of graphics, design, 3D… The characters are amazing, the sets are amazing! In the world of online casino (we’ll come back to that later), it’s a bit the same thing in the end: I particularly love Gaming publishers such as Playtech, or Betsoft. They “send the heavy stuff”, so to speak, when it comes to graphics.

1.2 From video games to online casino gambling (gambling): my first steps in a casino

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I discovered the world of the casino and Vegas: and what happiness! My buddies offered me a casino night. At first, I was a little apprehensive, but that quickly passed when I found myself in the middle of all the casino games: blackjack, baccarat, craps, slot machine games, roulette… It was even better than I imagined! Even better than in the casino game movies! The croupiers were there, all dressed up in suits, looking nice and smiling. The little grannies and their slot machines were hilarious! The big players sitting around the best table games. People shouting BINGO, and marvelling when the slot machine started to vibrate, the colors flickered, and the coins dropped. Players in suits, vip-style, big fish, as they say in casino movies, who get pampered by the casino staff. The music, the carpets, the decorations, the lights, the cocktails, the chips, all these games of chance, gambling, table games…

Online casino bonuses

Yes, my first visit to one of the best casinos was a revelation for me! Whereas before, all I had to do was participate in poker tournaments with my buddies, play keno with my grandmother (hey yes!), scratch a ticket when my father bought the newspaper around the corner, or bet money on silly bets between buddies. At that moment, I entered the big league of casino gambling!

To be honest, my very first steps in this new casino were a bit… How can I put it? Groping?! And yes, it’s not that easy to make money when you start playing casino games. In my early casino years, I used to go there for the atmosphere, and to have a good time with my buddies. I used to play roulette and slots sometimes, but that’s it. The rest I didn’t know! In fact, if you want to know more about the casino in general, I recommend It gives a lot of very useful information to get started!

1.3. Why did I open this site on the legal English online casino? My reasons are surprising

If you have arrived on my website, it is certainly not by chance, I imagine that you share with me one of my passions. At the top of my thirty years, I have already been able to accumulate a certain experience that I could qualify as rich on two universes: online games and online casino (it is thanks to the Swiss site that I was trained, I invite you to visit it only if you live in Switzerland).

If you’ve never tasted the pleasures of online casinos and it’s your wish to try, then you’ve come to the right place because I’m telling you, I’m not going to make you want to play, I’m not going to incite you, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m just going to convey to you my love for online casinos, it’s communicative. For those of you who are passionate about online casino games, friends, you will find everything you need on my site, from the rules of the game to strategies, a beginner’s casino guide and casino reviews, it’s all there, plus special casino Facebook pages to make sure you don’t miss out on the big bonuses.

The world of the new online casino is a magical world, which will surprise you and give you the keys to fortune. I wish you a great gaming experience, as I have been doing for the past few years. Fun, oh yes! Winning moments, I love it!

So you guessed it, my blog will be dedicated to these two activities which I must admit, take up a lot of my time, at least that’s what my beloved tells me at least once a week. Well, I consider her lucky, because it could have been beer and football, couldn’t it? That’s what I tell her every time, and she says, “Yes, but the problem is that you also like beer and football! “, she’s not wrong, but in any case, I don’t like them enough to consider them as passions and devote a web space to them like the legal English online casino.
free casino games

Anyway, on this site, what will we talk about? About online casino in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa of course, but not only. I would like to explain why this world of online casino has become a real passion for me, what are my favorite online games, as well as the best online casinos, which you will find listed at, Australia, New Zealand and South Thanks to my solid experience in iGaming, I have a lot of tips and advice to give! My blog site is the way for me to share them. Don’t hesitate to leave comments and questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. You should also know that I publish on the online casino site named, a space dedicated to online casino in Canada. This site belongs to a friend of mine, so click on the link to support the site.

2. Begin an activity on an internet casino in good conditions thanks to the following essential notions

Before knowing how to run, it is important to learn how to walk, it seems normal to you, doesn’t it? Then believe me, you’ll be happy to know all the basics of the online game. You will be able to avoid the traps that all novices fall into and make the most of the advantages that the internet casino offers you :

2.1. Why is it essential to know the essential notions concerning a English online casino?

It is essential before starting to play, to master the terms used in online casinos, on the sites, or even on my site. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of starting your learning with the essential notions that you absolutely must know. By going through an online casino and my guide, you will better understand certain terms, it’s not long, it’s not difficult, you just need to concentrate a little bit.

2.2. I’ve been gambling for a long time, I know what you need when you start at an online casino site.

What surprised me at the time was the lack of information about the right establishments to frequent, new games that had just come out, the best online casino game publishers, new online casino… At that time, finding a good casino guide was very complicated! In fact, I found a lot of information on the theme “online casino UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa” on the online casino site Tropezia palace. It must be said that the net was not as developed as it is today.

That’s why, a few years later, I told myself that all the notions I had stored up for years, I could have passed them on to other beginners who, like me, would want to make money thanks to the virtual casino, want to find the cream of the crop on the casino site, but the most important thing: want to have fun and play online casino, while being at home, in a serene and reliable environment.

2.3 Whether you are a novice player or an expert, you should be careful at any online casino.

Even though my parents always looked after me well in terms of education, apartments, etc., it was out of the question for them to finance my passion for gambling and the casino. So I had to find a side way to make money. That’s how I started to get interested in it, but I was always very careful. I inquired beforehand which game I would be most likely to get rich, and then on which English online casino I had to play, Flash or not Flash, what was the best way to play for free, how to get access to free games, how to get the maximum casino bonus, no-deposit bonus, free bonuses … Enough to start in the adventure of online gambling VERY cautiously. Caution is the watchword at the casino. Armelle of the site does not agree with me at all, according to her, you have to take a maximum of risk. It’s a theory I don’t share.

3. The reason for living in a English online casino is gambling. This is what they hide from you

There is no point in registering at an online casino if you don’t know its essence. Casino games are the subject you need to master by heart. In any case, you should at least know the basic rules of the games that interest you a minimum. Also, play for free to progress, it can only be beneficial to you! I’ll tell you a little more about it here:

3.1. Get to know each of the games in detail before you want to play at the online casino.

Casino live, or even mobile casino, the world of online casino gambling allows you to access many services: if for the moment, you don’t feel like it at all, don’t worry. Let me explain!

Do you remember at the beginning of my story (sorry if it’s a bit long!), I explained that I didn’t know much about casino games, baccarat, blackjack, and other games, a bit more technical. Well, you should know that thanks to the great accessibility and simplicity that this new kind of English online casino offers, I was able to develop my skills and be much more comfortable playing casino games.

Yes, I found my beloved slot machines and online roulette – to my delight – they even won me the jackpot! But I also took the time to learn new rules, to discover what video poker was all about (poker fan, you’re going to love online poker and all its variants), to take part in tournaments on the most beautiful tables, to go on an adventure thanks to fantastic slots mixing the world of video games, which I also love! For example, the gaming website Casino La Riviera is a reference in this field, like its colleague Cresus. You will give me your impressions.

Of course, before starting in an online casino and playing in paid games, it’s better to know how to play the games, to know them and that’s why for each game, I propose you to discover the rules of the game, the strategies to put in place to win more money and the variants that exist to entertain you even more: that’s why I also started to introduce the online casino on my blog number two by specializing it on the games.

3.2. If you want to take advantage of the full potential of an online casino, discover the usefulness of free games

On my site, I’ve given you the most beautiful surprise by uploading casino games that you can use totally free as if you were in fun mode in your establishment. The free online casino will change your life! It’s a good thing to find the slot machine that will make you happy or to train yourself to certain techniques that will make you win more money like blackjack for example.

4. Apart from the free online casino, here are the important advantages that an online operator can offer you

Today, you wonder why land-based casinos are sinking in our beautiful country of UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa? Well the answer is on the net. In fact, online casinos are largely responsible for the decline of land-based casinos for the simple reason that they are more advantageous, there is no doubt about it. Just take the example of the free online casino!

The only real objection valid until a while ago was that the atmosphere was not the same. But now, with the improvements in technology, webcam systems, live croupier, etc., this is no longer an excuse to consider, the atmosphere of the land-based casino, you find it but at home this time!

4.1. Playing at a good online casino is first of all enjoying a great gambling comfort.

So yes, going to the casino to play is fun, but only if you are a “Sunday” gambler. For real regular gamblers like me, I promise you that taking your car and driving several dozen kilometers a day just to play is unthinkable. Well with online casinos, the question doesn’t even arise, I go home, sit on my couch, turn on my Mac and hop in, play at the casino. I enjoy my family life while having fun with the casino and I even have the possibility to play a game of console at the same time.

Besides, online casinos are very modern. You don’t even need to download a casino game anymore. You won’t need to travel miles and put on your best three-piece suit to play at the online casino UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. You can play instantly and for free on online casino games in flash version. And even before you play on the free games, we advise you to learn the basics, learn about the best guides.

4.2. Compared to a terrestrial establishment, a site casino UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa offers you hundreds of games

Me personally, I’m someone who gets tired of games very quickly. A slot machine, if I like it, I don’t play it for more than a week, so I need a lot of novelty, a lot of choice. And online, right now, I can say that I’m served. You’d be surprised to know that some casinos have more than 1000 different titles on their site, with entries every week for the newest games. If you would like to have more information on this particular point, don’t hesitate to consult my friend’s website in Switzerland:, the ultimate reference!

4.3. Statistically speaking, you will earn more playing at an online casino than at a physical casino.

For those who still doubt that online casinos are more interesting, just refer to the statistics, they are simple to understand, players win more and more often at online casinos. Why, it’s very simple, the random number generators are set differently, so they can offer paying combinations more often simply because an online casino doesn’t have the same fixed charges to bear as a land-based casino.

4.4. If you decide to play online, you will receive casino bonuses and other gifts.

And the icing on the cake for me is the bonuses. In fact, receiving large sums of money just because you’ve deposited, I don’t think there’s a single land-based casino that does that today. It’s a shame, by the way.

So if I summarize, you can play quietly from home on thousands of modern games with which you will win more money. What? You’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity.

Do you agree with us about the advantages of online casino? Then it’s time to go to our other articles to learn more about your favorite world.

5. Have you decided to play at the best online casino? Then follow these tips to choose it well

On the web, you will cross the path of thousands of online casino players and everyone will go of his opinion: “this casino is better than this one, this one is more advantageous, but no, it is Paris VIP Casino which is the best online casino … etc”. But in the end it is up to you to choose your online casino and I can tell you that it is not an easy task. Of course, you could totally trust me and choose an establishment that I recommend to you but I think it is also important for you to choose by yourself, at least to know how I make my selection to judge the quality of my choices.

5.1. Very important: choose the online casino that will totally correspond to your needs.

For me, what’s important to know is the criteria that matter to you. Let’s be clear, what matters to you may not matter to the next player, you are all different and that’s the richness of the online casino. For the English players, online casinos are very numerous and very different, and despite everything, there are points of similarity.

When you want to play in an online casino you have to know where you want to play. And there are two ways to find out: either you do the casino tests yourself, which will honestly take too much time because between registration, playing, withdrawals, etc., you won’t even have the opportunity to enjoy, or you can trust me and read my online casino reviews, I have tested them all for you and believe me, some of them are to be avoided. I give you the best addresses on the net in exclusivity.

5.2. Don’t necessarily trust a new online casino that has just come on the market.

What I take into account at the very beginning to know if the casino is reliable is the opinions of other players who will make me understand in a few readings whether the casino pays the players or not. In the case of a dishonest casino that doesn’t pay when you win, I don’t see why I would take the time to analyze the rest. Do you agree? So for me the reputation in terms of payouts is the main thing. After all, when you win, what you want is to be paid immediately, right?

5.3. Misconception: Not all gambling sites are the same when it comes to casino gambling.

Then, if I’m reassured about the payouts, then I’m going to look at the casino games that the operators offer. The quality of the games depends a lot on the game publishers that the casino uses. For example, I know that for me, there is no way I would sign up for a casino that doesn’t have NetEnt or Betsoft for slots, they are the only two developers I like. After that it depends on what you like to play but games should be one of your priorities since you play at the casino for fun anyway.

5.4. Learn how to detect the best deals when you hear about casino bonuses in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

For me, who loves to play with bonuses, so that’s the next point. I always check the promotional offers that the casino puts out to see if I’m going to find anything on the site. For me, a good bonus is a high rate with almost zero conditions, but that’s almost utopian.

5.5. The cream of the legal English online casino? It goes through the free gaming area as well

Free casino, no deposit bonus, free slot machine, free poker, free bonus, free roulette… Yes, you have understood it, the notion of free is very present in the world of the English online casino, and it is considered one of the big advantages in the duel: online casino VS land casino. The site had made a good report on the subject. Getting a free online casino won’t be complicated at all, and thanks to it you can start playing at your own pace without losing money online. The gambling site Wild Sultan is besides, one of the best sites if you are looking for a legal English online casino, offering a free space, many promotions and casino bonuses, its live casino is moreover a small technological jewel. Do not hesitate, moreover, to find a casino without downloading, easy to use and very playful, like the one proposed by Majestic Slots.

5.6. What other services will be useful to you when you are looking for the best online casino?

I would like to talk to you about one last point concerning online casinos, which is very important to me. It is about customer service and security of the big entertainment sites. Whether it’s video poker, free roulette, free blackjack, joker poker… You will have, at any time, a customer service specialist who knows about it and will help you. Advice, questions, doubts, problems… A legal site of casino games must offer you a professional service of quality. When it comes to real money, even if we talk about “free casino games”, we are not kidding. Safety and seriousness, above all. For the top casinos, each customer is a vip player. Cresus Casino is an example of this! Don’t hesitate to ask for bonus codes or free spins from your advisers, whom you can contact via live chat, email, telephone or even for the best gaming sites: WhatsApp, iMessage and Skype.

Don’t hesitate to consult the different pages of your online casino, which must also offer you a choice: payment methods (Credit Card, Paysafecard, Neteller…), currencies (euros, dollars, Swiss francs…), languages (English, but also other languages)… and quality guarantees, such as certification labels. In case of any doubts, you can consult the websites of the competent online gambling authorities, such as the ARJEL, the English reference in terms of gambling sites, which it regulates with an iron fist.

6. Found your legal English online casino? Rest while reading its crazy stories:

It’s time for a “Culture” moment, Dear Friends! As you know, gambling has always had an important place in our daily lives, as far back in time. In Antiquity, in the Middle Ages, in contemporary times… Man loves to play! And when it comes to betting money, but above all to winning money, it’s an even stronger craze! Even if the first gambling establishments are rather recent, since we date back to the 17th century, the history of casino gambling is rich and goes back thousands of years: this is why it is important for you to know a little more about it. A good casino player is a cultured gambler! So, yes, it will be strange for you to return to our contemporary times later on, to the world of the legal English online casino, but in the meantime, here is your recreational break… which may give you some ideas:

6.1. Three things I’d really like to share with you about the online casino world:

The love affair between men and gambling: A true madness…

A Russian player bets his wife in a poker game! Have you heard about this story? It was in 2007 that a Russian player, Andrei Korpov, lost his gold watch, his car and excellent bottles of vodka during a hectic poker game in Moscow. Following the consecutive loss of his various possessions against Sergey Brodov, the former decides on a final, “original” bet, which he unscrupulously offers: his wife, Tatiana! Andrei finally loses the game, and a few days later, his opponent claims his due… To everyone’s surprise, the player’s wife accepts, declaring “I realized that I had to leave Andrei, when he dared to “bet me”! Sergey is finally a very nice man, and I’m happy that he was able to win me!». As we were telling you, the world of gambling and casino is full of stories, some of them very crazy!

The culture is different depending on where you are in the world.

Every country has a different way of thinking about the game. The casino world must therefore adapt to the lifestyles and other cultural differences present in the country. Take the difference between European countries and the United States, a European gambler will be surprised when he makes a visit to the other side of the Atlantic, and the opposite case, too. On what levels? The number of casinos, for example. In the United States, there is a large concentration of casinos in the same place, such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City, which are considered to be gambling paradises. In Europe’s big cities, the laws are much stricter, and they often have only one casino.

What will the online casino of the future look like?

The world of gambling is changing in leaps and bounds, thanks to technological advances. We’re talking about virtual reality, 3D games, live casino… A multitude of new and innovative features to make the gaming experience even more intense. You are sitting in your living room, but playing in the middle of one of the best casinos on the planet. If you are interested in this subject, don’t hesitate to take a look at the new British series, Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker.
live dealer

Notably the “Playtest” episode, which plunges us into a new augmented reality game system. Returning to the online casino, it also benefits from new services, including the live casino, which puts you right in the middle of the casino game, with real live dealers! To be discovered as soon as possible!

6.2. Even more amazing story: are the inhabitants of Monaco allowed to play casino? No, they are not!

Anecdotes, you’ll find plenty of them on the net! But this one in particular interests me: let’s go on a trip to Monaco!

Hang on, because it was in 1987 that the famous law forbidding the inhabitants of Monaco to play games of money and chance on their own soil appeared. Baccarat, blackjack, poker, and all the games that are part of the casino family, have this specificity in Monaco: they are forbidden to all citizens of Monegasque nationality. It is, moreover, written in black and white in the law of 12 July 1987 on games of chance: “A Monegasque inhabitant […] may not, in gambling establishments, take part in them”,

But this restriction, which is only applicable on Monegasque soil, is much older than that and dates back to the 19th century. Much more historical origins. We are, therefore, taking a leap in time, two centuries, to understand the reasons for this. We must go back to the time of Prince Charles III (1818 – 1889). At that time, the two towns of Roquebrune and Menton, which made up 80% of Monegasque territory, were officially ceded to UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The Société des Bains de Mer stated that “in 1861, the loss of these territories greatly impoverished Monaco, which was then deprived of its main sources of income, particularly agricultural income”.

In order to put the country back on its feet, Prince Charles III had an ingenious idea: to attract a rich foreign clientele by transforming Monaco into a new dynamic space, a “place for leisure and holidays” thanks, in particular, to gambling and chance”. Prince Charles III therefore had the idea of offering casino games in Monaco, in an exclusive way, because at the time they were forbidden in neighbouring countries”. A clever way to get rich quickly.

Why ban Monegasques from playing in the casino?

Prince Charles III therefore wishes to fill the coffers of his State, but not with the wallets of his citizens! It is therefore, at this point that he decides to ban Monegasques from gambling. The recent loss of territory has greatly weakened the Monegasques’ sources of income. This ban was therefore put in place in order to protect the Monegasque inhabitants, and to prevent them from losing unnecessary money. But not only that. In view of the size of the territory, it is important to think of the significant possibilities of fraud: “Prince Charles III wanted to prevent the croupiers from playing with relatives”.

Since this ban, which dates back to the 19th century, Monegasques have not seen their rights evolve. Moreover, Albert Croési, head of the National Priority watch service, confirms that he has never received any complaint or claim on this subject: “It would appear that the inhabitants of Monaco do not feel particularly discriminated against in the face of this restriction. We see no point in amending the law”.

Ban on playing Monegasques, but not only!

How, concretely, does this happen at the Casino de Monte-Carlo? Identity papers are, of course, required at the entrance to European games. As for other games, the identity card is requested when winnings are paid out. How do Monegasque casino fans do it? There are English casinos in the surrounding area, but also online casinos, accessible to all, in which they are allowed to play!

Namely, Monegasque citizens are the only ones who are banned from casinos. The law of 1987 adds:

  • agents and civil servants of the State, public establishments and the commune,
  • underage people,
  • the military and the uniforms,
  • ministers of religion, persons belonging to a religious congregation,
  • people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs,
  • people with a risky attitude, prone to scandal or incident.

Beneath its appearances of limitless luxury, Monaco proves to be a very protective country, taking care of its inhabitants. Fortunately, it is still possible for Monegasques to go for a drink or a dinner, in this splendid place that is the Monte-Carlo.

7. Before you run away and play online casino, test your knowledge! It will only take a few minutes

The world of casino is not only about gambling and different slot machines as you will learn at https://www.UK, Australia, New Zealand and South, or betting money. It’s a world rich in the most crazy stories and key characters that have made history! During a game of poker with friends, you can show off your general knowledge and show that you are an expert in the field! Who said that playing online casino doesn’t require general knowledge?

The origin of the word “Casino

There’s a lot of talk about casinos, but do you know what the origins of that word are? The word “Casino” comes from Italy, and is a derivative of “Casa”, meaning house in the beautiful Latin language. The very first casinos were “little houses” located on the Mediterranean coast.

The origin of card games

Impossible not to know a card game these days! Well, you should know that they were invented by the English! The different symbols represented the four classes of English society at the time; the diamond for the traders, the spade for the nobles, the clover for the commoners, the heart for the clergy.

One of the biggest losses in the history of the game

Legend has it that the famous Henry VIII, King of England, gave up the bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral after a lost game of dice! One of the biggest defeats in the history of the game.

The number of possible combinations

Made up of 52 cards, a traditional card game, allows you to make nearly 2.5 million combinations of 5 cards!

The weight of a poker chip

How much do you think a poker chip weighs? An authentic chip weighs around 10 grams. The heaviest one will rarely spend more than 11 grams. Extremely light items, but they can be very valuable!

The most gambling country

Did you know that the country with the most players is… the land of kangaroos, Australia! Considered to be the most gaming country on earth, a study shows that an Australian plays on average more than any other nationality.

Roulette’s nickname

Nicknamed “the devil’s wheel” because when you add up all the numbers in a traditional roulette game, you get the sum 666.

One of the most famous blackjack enthusiasts in the world.

The very famous Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had a great passion for the game of blackjack. During his exile on the island of Elba, he spent most of his time playing it.

Playing with a gun to his head

Doyle Brunson is said to have asked the great poker legend Stu Ungar if he could play Russian roulette with a gun pointed at him, loaded, of course, for an astronomical amount of money. The latter would have answered that for millions of dollars, he would play with a gun loaded with 5 bullets!

The origin of “Dead Man’s Hand”

The poker combination of two black aces and two black eights is called “Dead Man’s Hand” for the Englishy, because Wild Bill Hickok would have died with this combination in his hand.

You are finally ready, dear readers! GOOD GAME!