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We are gently awakened by the rays of the rising sun, put on some clothes and unpack the surfboard. It’s so beautiful out by the sea! As surfers the beach is our home and the waves are our brothers and sisters. While the other people sit at their desks for hours, we balance on a kind of board carried by the power of the sea. Together we are surfers like a family, a tanned family!

Addicted, we were a bit disappointed about the quality of the NetEnt slot machines. Besides the excellent titles of the NetEnt Rocks series, the Swedes recently published the football game Football: Champions Cup. Unfortunately we were rather less taken with it, because the soccer atmosphere was missing completely. Since the release of the Motörhead video slot is still a long way off, we decided to test NetEnts Wild Water. Whether NetEnt can convey the feeling of vacation, sea and sun over the screen, you can now find out!

Technical features

The presentation makes us feel very positive. We are at a beautifully drawn beach, where a slot machine has spread right in the middle. Who would have thought it possible? Now we see men with six packs and women with lovely bikinis on the rolls of the machine. They must be surfing models! Nice idea: The symbols of the surfers are not only a third of the size of the roll, but sometimes fill the height of the whole roll. We are usually much higher than wide!

You will quickly see the wooden signs on the slot machine. There are numbers from 1 to 20 on them. What can that mean? As an experienced player, you know right away that these are the paylines. NetEnt equips Wild Water with 5 reels and 20 paylines on which you can bet up to 10 coins. Multiplied by the 20 paylines, this gives a maximum of 200 coins, worth up to 10 cents. So we are dealing with a maximum bet of €20, which is a bit small, but more is not necessary for beach life. It’s not about the money, it’s about the lifestyle!

Because NetEnt wants you to be able to play Wild Water on the beach, it’s completely mobile and you can play with a clear conscience on your smartphone. The Autoplay feature ensures that you continue to win without interruption, even if you are distracted by a dolphin.

bonuses and winnings

We know that in addition to a cool game, you can also expect some winnings. So we won’t let the sunny prospects of this video slot dazzle us and analyze your chances of winning at Wild Water thoroughly.

One of the best symbols is the shark. Yes, we mean the often wrongly depicted predator, who likes to eat arms and legs. But actually, the sharks are not so bad, you even like to coexist with people and so they help you to take profits home. As a wild symbol, the shark completes winning combinations by replacing other symbols. Don’t worry, he won’t eat the surfers up, but will surf with them!

You won’t have to miss out on free spins with Wild Water either. You can do a few extra laps with the surfboard if you have at least three scatters. The great thing about it is that the Wild symbol spreads out on the reels and completely captures you in the free spins. So you can win even more!

After all, we all know that high stakes also lead to high winnings. Wild Water always pays off best when you see the surfers on the reels from head to toe. If 5 surfers appear on the reels, there will be a win of 20 times the bet. If all 5 different surfers are involved, the bonus increases to x200 and the winnings are up to €4,000!