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John Rambo is back! As usual he fights alone against a whole army and provides plenty of action! This is the last chance to see the heroics of muscular Sylvester Stallone. We owe it to the game manufacturer iSoftBet, a specialist for Film-Remakes and other animation series. In the soberly called Rambo™ slot machine you can find the former soldier, who even took part in the Vietnam War, armed from head to toe. He does what he does best: fight. On the menu are: unequal fights, action and explosions of all kinds, as well as a progressive jackpot, which should not fall into the hands of anybody. This is our Rambo™ review.

Warning, everything is going to explode!

Do you smell that smell? This is the smell of war, a war waged by a single man against all adverse circumstances. Fortunately John Rambo was a Green Beret, he is strong as a buffalo and knows the martial arts like the back of his hand. In the slot machine of the same name, you slip into the role of veteran John James H. Rambo in a summary of the four films released between 1982 and 2008. A fifth film is currently in preparation. The slot machine is aimed at fans and features some short sequences taken directly from the feature film. Although they contribute to immersion, they are not very numerous. They appear far too randomly, so that one wonders what they are for.

Although Rambo™ is a casino game worth playing, the friends of our war expert will still be disappointed. Although the military aspect is reflected in the armored tanks and warlike symbols (machetes, jeeps, rockets and grenades), these are not very numerous and it would have been appropriate to replace the superfluous poker symbols with more appropriate symbols. Only Rambo Wild and Rambo Scatter are truly unique and fascinating. It’s a pity that the developers didn’t focus on the technical side anymore: a Rambo™ slot machine would have deserved 16:9 cinematic sequences, real animations, less strict mechanics and a more sophisticated soundtrack.

The same big winnings as its biceps

where iSoftBet doesn’t disappoint is in the range of exponential winnings that the manufacturer offers to every user who manages to make good use of the 720 winnings. Although Rambo™ is limited to 19 payment lines, this does not mean anything. The combination possibilities on this slot are simply unbelievable, so you will quickly get rich on this slot. In addition, the payment table explains the rules of the game in the most beautiful way. In an instant, you’ll learn how to turn your investments into profits. The “Auto-Spin” feature helps you make explosive profits.

Rambo™ is also suitable for small budgets, as the maximum bet does not even exceed 25.50€. That’s not much compared to the millions of Euros you can win, of course only if you qualify for the slot machine’s progressive jackpots. Yes, you have read correctly. Rambo™ offers no less than four extraordinary jackpots!

You are looking for stories? You’re in the right place.

And if you’re trying to crack a million, Rambo™ could help. There is no bonus game, but you can still fill your coffers at this slot thanks to 720 winning opportunities. First, there’s the Rambo Wild symbol, which can replace all other symbols except the two special symbols: it’s an ideal way to multiply combinations and increase winnings. The scatter symbol, in the form of a sweaty Rambos, helps you unlock between 5 and 15 free spins with an equal number of multipliers. In other words, 15 free spins equals 15 times the amount of your bet! Think you’ve seen it all? The best is yet to come, because Rambo has not yet brought out his colorful grenade: collect at least three icons of the explosive object and the jackpot belongs to you.