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It is especially practical in a Maestro Casino, because you do not have to undergo a credit check and can start directly in the casino. Learn more about Maestro in online casinos now!

Maestro Casinos – which online casinos accept this payment method? – November 2019

users can be sure that they are customers of a renowned financial service provider. Maestro has been around since 1990. Maestro has gained popularity as a card system in the UK and Europe and Maestro online casinos are now the first choice. The Maestro card can be applied for through countless different banking institutions.

There are two types of Maestro cards: one is connected to your own bank account, the other is a rechargeable prepaid card. Both cards are very easy to use and are great for making real or virtual payments. The cards are accepted by over 12 million merchants worldwide, and are among the leading debit cards in Europe. Maestro cards can be used to make payments in online casinos. Since the Maestro card is a debit card, the accounts cannot be overdrawn, making the card a very secure affair in online casinos.

How do Maestro casinos?

Maestro works like any other debit card and is accepted online in over 100 countries worldwide. Users need to make sure they have enough money in the account associated with the Maestro card because Maestro provides its customers with direct access to money but not with credit.

As far as banking with Maestro Online Casinos is concerned, players must first complete a registration at the casino of their choice and then select the amount they wish to deposit.

When signing up, they must already provide the PIN number and card number of the Maestro card, as well as the expiry date and CVV (the security number on the back of the card).

Players must also provide their billing address and other personal details such as their name. You will also need to enter a security code so that the bank can check the available balance to make the deposit. This often happens and does not affect the transaction time. In addition, online fraud can be prevented in this way.


To get a Maestro card, you cannot register without problems. A Maestro card, however, can always be obtained in combination with your current account in Europe. With the Maestro card you always have access to the account and can pay in many shops. So to sign up for a card you have to open a real checking account.

Deposit through Maestro

You use your card details in the online casino to make a deposit with the Maestro card. You will probably have to enter your IBAN and BIC number after selecting the payment method in the online casino.

The selected amount will be debited directly from your account, but this may take a few business days, as you are usually dependent on the working hours of the banks with the card.

Disbursement by Maestro

You can, of course, have any winnings from the online casino returned to you. This can be done with the account details, which are also given on the payout page. So the payout in this sense is relatively fast.

However, you have to assume that this sometimes takes longer via Maestro than with the deposit. Nevertheless it is one of the fastest methods to Online Casino real money payouts.

Transfer duration

The transfers and transactions in Maestro online casinos actually take place immediately, although each transaction must be checked beforehand by a security code that only the card payer and the bank know beforehand. But this verification is done immediately and as soon as you are through with it, you can deposit or withdraw money immediately. This is different from credit card transactions, where you receive an invoice with the outstanding amount at the end of the month.

Customer support for Maestro Online Casino customers

Maestro customers are MasterCard customers, which means they all enjoy the benefits of the renowned premium customer service of MasterCard. This includes customer service via the official website, a hotline that is always available and, of course, contact by e-mail. In addition, Maestro card users can contact the bank that made the Maestro card available to them.

Security in Maestro Online Casinos

If you play in a Maestro Online Casino, you know that the transactions will be secure and that you are in good hands with MasterCard. This card manufacturer is not only one of the world’s largest, but has also been known for many years as a renowned, reputable and confidential partner. MasterCard made the Maestro debit card the first global online debit program in the early 1990s. When making transactions at Maestro Online Casino, you must enter a security code that makes the whole process absolutely secure. With this security code (known only to the card holder and the bank), the use of the card number can be linked to the account. This prevents fraud.

Collect loyalty points and rewards through the Maestro card

A great feature of Maestro Online Casinos is that you can also use the card in the bonus program. Some online casinos offer an online casino bonus or a no deposit bonus, as well as other special offers for loyal customers. Although you must of course always read the terms of use (you may have to wager the bonus up to a certain amount before you can withdraw it), you can increase your bankroll significantly.

The advantage of a Maestro Online Casino

Every player should be able to decide for himself what preferences he chooses his casino. Maestro is one of the best known and most widespread payment methods, especially in online casinos. Because the players don’t want to make the mistake of overdrawing credit lines or creating multiple accounts to pay with an e-wallet.

You can actually use the Maestro card to wander from online casino to online casino, try out games and test everything without creating a single additional money account (such as an e-wallet) or without overdrawing your credit line. Maestro is actually accepted everywhere, which is an added advantage.

In addition, you get an extremely high level of security beyond the map. Due to the PIN protection and the authentication code required online, as well as the bomb-proof encryption of the transactions, there is no need to worry when using Maestro.

In addition, the transactions are immediate and in real time; payouts are also faster than with many other methods. Since the payout goes directly to your own bank account, you have the money immediately available and do not have to first transfer money in a complicated way “into the real world”. A walk to the cash dispenser is completely sufficient.

Since the Maestro is a debit card, you can only use what money is available in your own account. That is a good thought, if one is driven times by the play of it, because one cannot overdraw and to be to blame with the play.