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For NetEntertainment is hammered again until the nails are seated. In the successor to Jack Hammer, the comic slot machine with the sympathetic main actor, Don Crabby is now on the line. But who is this Don Crabby? This thug lost his arm in a tragic accident and has now replaced it with a crab arm. This prosthesis turns him into a sinister villain who’s determined to kidnap the pretty singer Pearl!

At the very beginning we’re introduced to the story of the slot machine. A small comic-strip video shows us who the bad guys are and why the story is about. Tension is getting ready right after Crabby reveals his plan and orders his henchmen to kidnap Pearl. Can Jack manage to defeat Crabby and free Pearl at the same time? Time is ticking!

Technical features

Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business starts where Jack Hammer left off. But NetEnt has thought of something new for the design of the machine. Although it still looks like its predecessor, the number of profit lines has increased to a whopping 99! That sounds like a lot and it is! Almost every combination from left to right is a win. With the Sticky Win feature, winnings can be increased without having to pay a single cent!

The game is known for the authentic design of the symbols. Although you don’t get any three-dimensional figures here, the comic effect is perfectly implemented. Nevertheless, we think it would have been possible to add some animations. Instead, you have to be satisfied with static comic images.

For the 99 paylines, NetEnt wants to see 50 coins per spin. You can bet up to 10 coins on each line and the coin denominations range from €0.01 to €0.05. This means that only bets over €25 are possible in Jack Hammer 2. Remember: The original maximum bet was even €250! This reduces the maximum amount to be won. But in addition equal more!

Boni and profits

Since this slot machine exhibits 99 profit lines, there are many possibilities to come to profits. All you have to do is remember that your symbol chain has to start at the far left. If the same symbol then appears on the second and third reels, you will surely have a win, which you can increase if you find the same symbol on the fourth or even fifth reel. Alternatively, you can combine multiple paylines to add the winnings of these lines.

The symbol with the highest possible payout is again Jack Hammer. With a coin value of 5 cents and 10 coins per level you reach a total coin value of €0.50. Five Jack Hammer symbols in a payline immediately enrich you by €250. Remember that you can combine winnings and win even more!

With the Sticky Win feature, the game has a nice gift for you. Don’t be rude and accept the gift because a Sticky Win means that the winning symbols are held and the remaining symbols are exchanged. So the winnings can still increase. The process is repeated until no more winning symbols appear.

As you already know from the previous version, Jack Hammer has a large number of free spins. In fact Jack Hammer provides you with 20 free spins if eight or more free spins occur. But with just five scatters, you start with 10 Free Spins.